What makes the world go round?
DURATION: September 2023 – present
Smart specialization for real development of the Pelagonian planning region
DURATION: April 2024 – present
CLIENT: Ministry of Local Self-Government
Monitoring potential abuse of state resources during the elections in North Macedonia
DURATION: April 2024 – present

DONOR: National Democratic Institute (NDI)

Increasing Transparency in Local Governments: Implementation and Evaluation of Citizen Budgets in Uganda, Kenya, and Zimbabwe

DURATION: November 2023 – present

DONOR: The Swedish International Institute for Local Democracy (ICLD)
Funding Formula for block grants for institutional accommodation and care for the elderly

DURATION: November 2023 – present

CLIENT: Ministry of Labour & Social Policy
Combating Illegal Forest Activities
DURATION: November 2023 – April 2024
CLIENT: Regional Centre for Forestry and Rural Development (REFORD)
Miss the misinformation (Strengthening the capacities of local communities to respond to misinformation and gendered disinformation)
DURATION: September 2023 – December 2023
Advancing Biotechnology as Key to Food Security
DURATION: August 2022 – August 2023
CLIENT: U.S. Embassy in North Macedonia
The formula for financing kindergartens through Block grants

DURATION: November 2022 – present

CLIENT: Ministry of Labor and social policy
Connecting the countries of the Open Balkans through a good tax and customs policy
DURATION: September 2022 – September 2023
DONOR: Foundation Open Society – Macedonia (FOSM)

Boosting Employment through Entrepreneurship in Circular Economy – BeCircular

DURATION: March 2022 – September 2023

DONOR: Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme

The readiness of primary schools for the implementation and effects of the implementation of the curricula from the Concept for Primary Education

DURATION: December 2021 – October 2022

DONOR: Foundation Open Society – Macedonia (FOSM)

Improving the financial transparency of political parties in the Republic of North Macedonia

DURATION: July 2021 – April 2022

CLIENT: International Republican Institute (IRI)

ICDL – Through inclusion and transparency to equality and quality: Improving local budgeting processes in North Macedonia

DURATION: January 2020 – November 2021

DONOR: The Swedish International Institute for Local Democracy (ICLD)

Feasibility study on the transformation potential of specific bio-waste products

DURATION: July 2021 – August 2021

CLIENT: UNDP Accelerator Labs

Improving cost efficiency in primary and secondary education

DURATION: January 2021 – present


Step by Step

DURATION: February 2020 – December 2021

CLIENT: Sparkasse Bank

Center for building public policies

DURATION: June 2020 – September 2021

DONOR: Civica Mobilitas

Responding to the socio-economic effects of COVID-19 by supporting vulnerable groups, low-wage workers, informal economy workers and casual workers

DURATION: July 2020 – July 2021

DONOR: Foundation Open Society – Macedonia

Career counseling for easier adjustment to the labor market in the conditions of COVID 19

DURATION: August 2020 – December 2020

CLIENT: Agency for Youth and Sport

Better cross-border understanding of disinformation, propaganda and fake news

DURATION: 2019/20

DONOR: European Commission

Methodology for reallocation of municipal budgets to primary schools

DURATION: 2019/20

DONOR: Foundation Open Society – Macedonia

Socio-economic impact of covid-19 in the Republic of North Macedonia

DURATION: August – December 2020

DONOR: Westminster Foundation for Democracy

Preparation of Project Appraisal Documents for infrastructure projects

DURATION: December 2020 – September 2022

DONOR: Municipal Services Improvement Project (MSIP) – Ministry of Finance

Proposal for the improvement of the infrastructural and technical-technological capacities of the primary schools in Bogdanci and Cheshinovo-Obleshevo

DURATION: January – July 2019

DONOR: Foundation Open Society Macedonia

Infrastructural development and technical technological equipment in primary schools in the Republic of Macedonia

DURATION: May 2017 – December 2018

DONOR: Foundation Open Society Macedonia

Youth in crisis

DURATION: November 2020 – March 2021

DONOR: Westminster Foundation for Democracy

Proposal-solutions for improving the investment policy in the Republic of Macedonia

DURATION: June – September 2016


The impact of government subsidies on FDI as opposed to their effect on economic growth

DURATION: March 2015 – July 2016



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