Increasing Transparency in Local Governments: Implementation and Evaluation of Citizen Budgets in Uganda, Kenya, and Zimbabwe
Duration: November 2023 – present
DONOR: The Swedish International Institute for Local Democracy (ICLD)
This research project investigates the implementation and impact of Citizen’s Budgets in Uganda, Kenya, and Zimbabwe, aiming to enhance transparency in local government budget processes. By employing methodologies such as desk analysis, surveys, interviews, and capacity-building workshops, the study assesses the effectiveness of Citizen’s Budgets in fostering citizen engagement and empowerment, particularly among marginalized groups. The project addresses the challenge of limited budget literacy and explores digital technology practices for effective implementation. Ultimately, it seeks to strengthen local democracy by promoting trust, accountability, and public participation in local governance. Through its findings and updated toolbox, the project aims to contribute valuable insights applicable to local governments globally, facilitating transparent and participatory governance practices.