Monitoring potential abuse of state resources during the elections in North Macedonia
DURATION: April 2024 – present
DONOR: National Democratic Institute (NDI)
Our project aims to establish a robust framework to promote transparency and accountability in political financing. We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of political financing over the past three election cycles, focusing on state budget funding and individual party financing. Data will be collected from various sources, including Open Finance and the State Election Committee, to capture a holistic view of financial flows within the political sphere. During the election period, we will intensify media monitoring to identify political bias and misuse of state resources. Our findings will be visualized through a dynamic dashboard, continuously updated via APIs. Finally, we will disseminate our comprehensive report and engage stakeholders through a multifaceted communication strategy to foster public awareness and inform policy discussions. Expected outcomes include detailed reports, increased public awareness, recommendations for legal reforms, and enhanced capacity of political parties to adhere to ethical standards.
Capacity-building workshops will be conducted for officials and stakeholders to ensure effective policy implementation, strengthening the Ministry’s capacity. We’ll establish a robust monitoring and evaluation system to track policy outcomes, making adjustments as needed. Our approach prioritizes a deep understanding of demographic trends and aims to establish effective solutions for elderly care in North Macedonia.