Improving cost efficiency in primary and secondary education

DURATION: January 2021 – present

In January 2021, the project “Improving spending efficiency in primary and secondary education” supported by UNICEF through the World Bank’s project for the improvement of primary education began work.

The project “Improving the efficiency of costs in primary and secondary education” envisages the development of a proposal for formulas based on data and evidence for the financing of public primary and secondary education and mechanisms for the optimization of the network of primary schools. Within the framework of the project, the following was carried out: a legal analysis of the positive legal and by-laws governing primary and secondary education, as well as an analysis of the legal framework related to the management of human resources in the educational system; data collection for all primary and secondary schools; development and analysis of various political considerations for the optimization of the network of primary schools in the country; proposal of scenarios for the implementation of the optimization of the school network and assessment of their impacts; preparation of optimization plans for all municipalities; and preparing options for reforming the allocation formula for transfers in primary and secondary education.

In the process of finalizing the analytical work, ZMAI will closely cooperate with the Ministry of Education and Science, the UNICEF office and the World Bank office.