One of the main ZMAI’s activities is the preparation and implementation of statistical and econometric analyzes that will serve as a basis for building public policies or financing infrastructure projects implemented by central and local government. The purpose of these activities is to investigate: the technical feasibility of the project; the aspects covering environmental protection; the social impacts of the project; as well as the financial and economic effects of the investment implementation.

A dedicated team of experts working in this field. Its experts have many years of experience in analyzing and implementing infrastructure projects, both nationally and locally, as well as internationally.

The most frequent users of our services are state institutions, as well as international donors that implement infrastructure projects in North Macedonia. The analyzed projects include investments in: educational, road, sewerage and urban infrastructure, renewable energy resources and activities to increase the energy efficiency of buildings, reconstruction of buildings, roads, water supply systems and construction of treatment plants.


Goran Mojanoski

Goran Mojanoski is one of the founders of ZMAI Skopje. He has devoted most of his research career to primary education, investment, and the capital markets. His narrower area of specialization is the capital market for which he is preparing a doctoral dissertation.

Faton Sulejmani

Faton Sulejmani has a master’s degree in economics in the field of statistical methods for business and economics. In 2020 he won the Chevening Scholarship, where he completed his studies at Imperial College London.

Marko Georgievski

Marko Georgievski is a graduate economist with 10 years of experience in doing business in the field of hospitality, logistics and consulting. He has been working as a mentor for start-up companies for 7 years, through the StartAp Academy, of which he is a co-founder since 2013. He currently owns a business in the field of transport and logistics.

Viktor Stojkoski

Viktor Stojkoski has been a researcher at ZMAI since 2015. In addition to his engagement in ZMAI, Viktor is employed as an assistant at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje. He is the author of more than 30 scientific papers and has participated in more than 10 international scientific research projects. His research interest is to develop methods for data analysis. He is current postdoctoral scholar at Université de Toulouse.


Methodology for reallocation of municipal budgets to primary schools

DURATION: 2019/20

DONOR: Foundation Open Society – Macedonia

Preparation of Project Appraisal Documents for infrastructure projects

DURATION: December 2020 – September 2022

DONOR: Municipal Services Improvement Project (MSIP) – Ministry of Finance

Proposal for the improvement of the infrastructural and technical-technological capacities of the primary schools in Bogdanci and Cheshinovo-Obleshevo

DURATION: January – July 2019

DONOR: Foundation Open Society Macedonia

The impact of government subsidies on FDI, versus their effect on economic growth

DURATION: March 2015 – July 2016


Proposal-solutions for improving the investment policy in the Republic of Macedonia

DURATION: June – September 2016




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