Good governance, ie responsible attitude towards public goods and management of public resources is one of ZMAI’s 5 areas of action. The basis of our engagement is based on the 12 principles of good governance, which are defined by the Council of Europe.

Our main focus is to provide comprehensive public policies based on evidence and quantitative knowledge that will contribute to better management of public goods and resources. The areas we cover within this area are: efficiency and effectiveness; transparency; strong financial management and accountability; ethical behavior; the Rule of Law.

In addition to the work with domestic and international institutions in the field of good governance, our commitment is to proactively work on building a strong research community and civil society sector that will have ability to recognize, analyze and research certain social phenomena and give them exact proposals for public policies that will be based on clear and objective quantitative evidence.


Viktor Mitevski

Viktor Mitevski is a co-founder of ZMAI and is currently the President of the Association. From 2015-16 he resided at Texas A&M University where he obtained a Master of Science degree in Economics. From 2017 to 2019 he works as a special advisor to the Minister of Finance. Victor is the recipient of the 2015 Fulbright Scholarship.

Viktor Stojkoski

Viktor Stojkoski has been a researcher at ZMAI since 2015. In addition to his engagement in ZMAI, Viktor is employed as an assistant at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje. He is the author of more than 30 scientific papers and has participated in more than 10 international scientific research projects. His research interest is to develop methods for data analysis. He is current postdoctoral scholar at Université de Toulouse.

Dragan Tevdovski

Dragan Tevdovski is a professor at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje. He is the winner of the award “Best Scientist at the University” St. Cyril and Methodius “in the field of social sciences in 2015, and was selected as one of the most inspiring professors in Macedonia. He was Minister of Finance (2017-2019), and currently he is an Advisor to the Executive Director at the IMF.

Goran Mojanoski

Goran Mojanoski is one of the founders of ZMAI Skopje. He has devoted most of his research career to primary education, investment, and the capital markets. His narrower area of specialization is the capital market for which he is preparing a doctoral dissertation.

Elena Trpkovska

Elena Trpkovska has more than 20 years of professional experience in the preparation and monitoring of municipal budgets and state annual budgets acquired through the position of State Advisor for Fiscal Policy and Budgeting. She is involved as a Consultant – Economist and coordinator in projects to improve social services.

Branimir Jovanovikj

Branimir Jovanovikj is a WIIW economist and expert. His research interests focus on economic inequality, fiscal policy, and financial crises. He was an advisor to the Minister of Finance and a researcher at the Central Bank of the Republic of Macedonia between 2007 and 2015. He holds a Doctor of Science degree from Tor Vergata University.

Nena Manchev

Nena Manchev is an external collaborator and researcher at ZMAI. She is currently working as a manager of programs for leadership development in Macedonia 2025. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics at UKIM. Her previous experience is in the Department for Administrative Support and Coordination in FITR, as well as Head of the Cabinet of the Minister of Finance.

Nevena Spasovska

Nevena Spasovska is one of the founders and researcher at the Association for Research and Analysis ZMAI since its establishment in 2014. Works as a Software Support Specialist in the company MEDIAGENIX. It realizes its affinity for research work and statistical data processing by taking an active part in the project activities of ZMAI.

Ksenija Popovikj

Ksenija Popovikj is a graduate economist at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje and has a master’s degree in economics in the field of statistics. She has six years of experience in the banking sector, of which five years as a sales manager where she is responsible for planning, coordinating, supervising and controlling the work. She is one of the founders and researchers of ZMAI.

Elena Zafirovska

Elena Zafirovska graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Skopje. She continues his master studies at the Faculty of Economics, studying human resource management. Works as an administrative assistant and protocol officer at the Ministry of Finance. She is involved in the ZMAI association as a researcher. Co-founder is on the first fundraising platform – “Let’s fund it!” and at the Start Up Academy.

Maja Argirovska

Maja Argirovska is a graduate economist with 15 years of experience in public finance management. She has participated in key reform processes in the areas of budgets, social, education and health policies.

Faton Sulejmani

Faton Sulejmani has a master’s degree in economics in the field of statistical methods for business and economics. In 2020 he won the Chevening Scholarship, where he completed his studies at Imperial College London.


ICDL – Through inclusion and transparency to equality and quality: Improving local budgeting processes in North Macedonia

DURATION: January 2020 – June 2021

DONOR: The Swedish International Institute for Local Democracy (ICLD)


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Index of Open Municipalities for the year 2022

Index of Open Municipalities for the year 2022

For the third consecutive year, ZMAI calculates and presents the Open Municipalities Index for our country. The index serves as a comprehensive indicator that tracks and evaluates the budgeting process of a municipality for a fiscal year on a scale from 0 to 100. The...


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