Infrastructural development and technical technological equipment in primary schools in the Republic of Macedonia

DURATION: May 2017 – December 2018

DONOR: Foundation Open Society Macedonia

The project includes the implementation of research that will highlight the knowledge gained in the field by the municipalities in a total of 301 primary schools and 498 district schools.

The research was implemented in order to reach an objectified knowledge about the material and technical conditions for teaching in the Republic of North Macedonia. At the same time, one of the findings was that the situation in the schools also reflects the local and regional development in the country.

Therefore, the Association strives to create equal conditions and opportunities for carrying out the educational process in schools and meeting educational goals and needs. Therefore, over the course of several months, through cooperation with municipalities and school authorities, an analysis of the actual situation in schools was created and proposals were made for new models and ideas on how to start the modernization processes of primary education. The publication itself, issued within the framework of the project, offers solutions and models that can contribute to the development of the infrastructural and technological-technical capacities of schools.

The main tasks that were covered by the project included: determining the current state of the field and equipment in schools, identifying differences in the development of schools between regions and municipalities, assessing the necessary investments for the improvement of school infrastructure and providing the necessary technical equipment and offering recommendations and solutions to improve the situation.