Combating Illegal Forest Activities
Duration: November 2023 – April 2024
CLIENT: Regional Centre for Forestry and Rural Development (REFORD)
The main goal of the analysis of public opinion at the national level regarding illegal forest activities is to examine public perceptions of deviant occurrences in the forestry sector. These occurrences in the forestry sector primarily pertain to illegal logging as the phenomenon with the most significant negative impact on forests, a natural resource of special interest to society as a whole, as well as a range of other issues such as disregard for legal provisions, corruption, abuse of official positions, unethical conduct of duty, and more.
To achieve the primary goal of the analysis, several activities have been summarized, along with the expected results of these activities. Both field and non-field activities are distinguished in conducting the analysis:
1. Conducting a structured interview questionnaire with private forest owners and firewood users at the Republic of North Macedonia level.
2. Organizing focus groups and compiling a report on the findings from the focus groups.
3. Completing an online questionnaire by employees in municipal administration responsible for the area of local economic development and compiling a report on the questionnaire responses.
4. Requesting access to public information from relevant institutions regarding illegal forest activities.
5. A final report summarizing the main findings of the analysis and presenting the report.