Proposed solutions for improving investment policy in the Republic of Macedonia

DURATION: June – September 2016


This document contains a section that addresses the shortcomings in terms of providing data that would be useful for measuring the effects of policies to attract FDI, as well as to support domestic investments, a section that addresses alternative proposals that can provide their own contribution to the provision of quality workforce for industrial facilities owned by domestic and foreign capital. The section on tax policy offers solutions that would enable greater effectiveness of tax practices for the state, while the section on administration should offer systemic solutions for investment policy in Macedonia.

Also, in order to increase the attractiveness of Macedonia for foreign investors, the need for faster development of the infrastructure and for increasing its quality was emphasized several times by several existing foreign investors, while on the other hand, the public is increasingly raising the issue how to encourage the existing companies in Macedonia that are outside the free economic zones to cooperate with the newly built facilities in the zones that have a great influence on the import and export of the Republic of Macedonia.

These proposed measures can be an incentive for the concerned institutions, all with the aim of improving the systematization of the available data and providing additional data that would be useful for further research and for the improvement of the administrative systems in the direction of increasing the competitiveness of the Republic of Macedonia.