Preparation of Project Appraisal Documents for infrastructure projects

DURATION: December 2020 – September 2022

DONOR: Municipal Services Improvement Project (MSIP) – Ministry of Finance

The consulting services that include the activities of ZMAI provide for the preparation of documents for the assessment of projects for the municipalities involved in the MSIP II project in accordance with the Operational Manual. The assessment documents contain analyzes from the aspect of technical feasibility of the project, environmental protection, social impacts, as well as financial and economic effects of project implementation.

The main goal of the MSIP project is to enable the realization of investment projects through the financing of the municipalities, through long-term on-lending borrowing, which through increasing the revenues, i.e. reducing the operational costs of the municipality/PE, will contribute to improving the performance of the municipality. , the quality of communal and other municipal services, as well as the development and strengthening of municipal functions and competencies regulated by the Law on Local Self-Government Units. The Project will cover the municipalities that are in the second phase of fiscal decentralization and that, in accordance with the Law on Financing of Local Self-Government Units and the Guidelines on the Method and Procedure for Indebting Municipalities and Public Enterprises in the Republic of Macedonia, issued by the Ministry of Finance in their entirety meet the conditions for long-term borrowing.