“Start-up Academy” is an intensive and educational 8-week program that has been operating since 2013, and it follows the world-renowned Lean Startup methodology. The Start-up Academy strives to create a successful network and inspiring stories of young entrepreneurs by developing innovative ideas in sustainable businesses.

The team consists of experienced and successful entrepreneurs and dedicated mentors, whose task is to guide young entrepreneurs in the labor market and strengthen their entrepreneurial skills.

The academy begins with an all-day Boot Camp, where mentors meet with program participants. For the first two weeks, the participants get acquainted with the needs of the clients. During the third and fourth week the participants are identifying the size of the market and the specific needs of the labor market. The fifth week includes channel sessions through which businesses can reach consumers. During the sixth week, methods are studied for business growth and for attracting and retaining customers. In the last two weeks the focus is put on creating models for revenue assessment, financial analysis and key activities.



Viktor Mitevski

Viktor Mitevski is a co-founder of ZMAI and is currently the President of the Association. From 2015-16 he resided at Texas A&M University where he obtained a Master of Science degree in Economics. From 2017 to 2019 he works as a special advisor to the Minister of Finance. Victor is the recipient of the 2015 Fulbright Scholarship.

Marko Georgievski

Marko Georgievski is a graduate economist with 10 years of experience in doing business in the field of hospitality, logistics and consulting. He has been working as a mentor for start-up companies for 7 years, through the StartAp Academy, of which he is a co-founder since 2013. He currently owns a business in the field of transport and logistics.

Gjorgi Milushev

Master of Economic Sciences, Gjorgi has 7 years of experience in developing proposals for financing and business planning for micro, small and medium enterprises, and 11 years of experience in operational management, organization of trainings and mentoring of business founders and managers. His skills in developing business plans, project management and human capital, as well as expertise in improving business skills, will guarantee the efficiency and success of projects.

Mila Perchinkova

Mila Perchinkova is an industrial engineer who with her experience contributes to the management of technical projects and proposals for improving other processes in companies. Mila is a former president of the Rotract Club. Contributes to ZMAI by getting involved in the activities and realization of the StartAp Academy.


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