Funding Formula for block grants for institutional accommodation and care for the elderly
DURATION: November 2023 – April 2024
CLIENT: Ministry of Labour & Social Policy
Our research approach for addressing the need for elderly care services in North Macedonia is driven by state-of-the-art quantitative methodologies due to insufficient available data. We will conduct thorough data collection from reputable sources like the State Statistical Office to understand demographic trends, including age ratios, population distribution, and life expectancy trends. Additionally, primary data will be gathered through questionnaires from state and private care facilities.
We will analyze historical demographic trends, focusing on the evolution of the aging population over recent decades, identifying key milestones and shifts. Utilizing statistical modeling, we’ll forecast future aging population trends, projecting the age pyramid for 2031 and 2041 based on current patterns.
To enhance our understanding, we’ll study international best practices in elderly care and active aging policies, adapting successful models to the local context. Based on data analysis and stakeholder inputs, we’ll develop a comprehensive policy framework addressing challenges and opportunities, including financing and improving elderly care services.
Capacity-building workshops will be conducted for officials and stakeholders to ensure effective policy implementation, strengthening the Ministry’s capacity. We’ll establish a robust monitoring and evaluation system to track policy outcomes, making adjustments as needed. Our approach prioritizes a deep understanding of demographic trends and aims to establish effective solutions for elderly care in North Macedonia.