ICDL – Through inclusion and transparency to equality and quality: Improving local budgeting processes in North Macedonia

DURATION: January 2020 – June 2021

DONOR: The Swedish International Institute for Local Democracy (ICLD)

The purpose of this project is to analyze the actual situation at the local level in 4 municipalities (Valandovo, Shtip, Karposh and Gostivar), to share the previous practices and experiences in the creation and adoption of budgets. For now, the project will be implemented in four pilot municipalities from different regions, with the ambition to expand to all 81 municipalities in the future. The project includes the implementation of an initial survey of citizens in the four municipalities, analysis of the survey in relation to the issues of interest, field work with the municipalities and citizens in order to improve the state of affairs, a second survey in order to evaluate the results at the end of the project, development of a web platform for presenting local budgets and engagement of citizens throughout the process and development of an index for assessing municipalities in terms of fairness, inclusion, transparency and accountability.

One of the main goals of this project are: 

  • Collection of positive practices of local self-governments in the adoption of budgets and involvement of citizens;
  • Implementation of focus groups with civil society organizations to improve the budget process;
  • Preparation of an index for the level of budget participation;
  • Creating key recommendations for improving the budget process of local governments;

The project is of great importance for more transparent creation of local budgets and increased involvement of the civil sector and marginalized groups in the process of adopting budgets.