Center for building public policies

DURATION: June 2020 – September 2021

DONOR: Civica Mobilitas

The “Center for Public Policy” project, which is implemented by the Association for Research and Analysis – ZMAI, and which will last for the next 15 months, began with implementation. The need for such an initiative originates from the lack of capacities in the civil sector to create analyzes and proposals for public policies supported by facts, research and empirical data.

Preparations are underway for the implementation of modular training for civil society organizations, which includes statistical and econometric tools in order to create public policies based on statistical solutions.

A total of 20 organizations will take part in the trainings and will realize their research ideas step by step. In the coming months, the announcement of a call for participation of all interested organizations for the advancement of research capacities as well as mentoring support will follow. The goal is to conduct full analysis and research on topics relevant to the respective fields of activity. This will further increase the credibility of the organizations that they have in a certain field of activity.

The whole process will allow organizations to establish new contacts, upgrade their knowledge and conduct analyzes that will have a great impact in the community, for which they have not had the necessary resources to carry them out. They will contribute to social changes and good cooperation with the authorities, which will result in more transparent, accountable and socially inclusive management at the local and national level. The project is supported by the action grants program of Civica Mobilitas.