Smart specialization for real development of the Pelagonian planning region
DURATION: April 2024 – present
CLIENT: Ministry of Local Self-Government
The project was initiated in order to analyze and identify the potentials for the development of the Pelagonian region, with a focus on economic, social and environmental aspects. The need arises from the current underutilization of regional resources and potentials, as well as from the present challenges that prevent its sustainable development. Considering the available data for the regions, it is necessary to monitor them and take them into account when creating development strategies. Only by understanding the real conditions in the region, can realistic and achievable goals be set and regional development achieved. The goal of this project is to create strategic commitments and action plans that will enable the improvement of the quality of life for the local population and increase regional competitiveness. In the new data-driven age, we cannot afford to make costly decisions that will not yield results because they are based on personal views and not on the real potential of a particular area. Through the implementation of this task, the team will work side by side with the Pelagonian planning region, to ensure the full use of the real potentials of the region: human, natural and other resources, location, economic potentials and opportunities for inclusion in world economic flows, such as and the use of the circular economy and care for nature to achieve a complete improvement in the quality of life of the population.
The methodology will include:
Review existing data and literature to understand the current state of the region.
Collecting primary data through surveys, interviews and focus groups with the local population and stakeholders.
Formulation of strategic goals and activities based on the analysis.
Work with the Pelagonian planning region and municipal employees and their training for implementation and performance monitoring.
Capacity-building workshops will be conducted for officials and stakeholders to ensure effective policy implementation, strengthening the Ministry’s capacity. We’ll establish a robust monitoring and evaluation system to track policy outcomes, making adjustments as needed. Our approach prioritizes a deep understanding of demographic trends and aims to establish effective solutions for elderly care in North Macedonia.