The ZMAI team will work on monitoring the financing of political parties before, during and after the end of the election campaigns during the last three election cycles. By using publicly available databases and cross-referencing them, ZMAI will create a useful platform that will aim to show the impact of elections and electoral processes on public procurement, employment in the public sector and the financing of political party campaigns. This software will be an innovative solution, which we believe will speak to recurring behavioral trends. The analysis and software aim to contribute to the improvement of the management of public funds.

Only through the systematic monitoring of political party financing, we can influence the improvement and transparency of the spending of state funds by political entities. In the coming weeks, the ZMAI team will promote its findings based on the monitoring of the current election campaign. We invite all organizations that work in the field of financing political parties, fighting corruption and monitoring the spending of budget funds to join us in the common fight for better and more transparent financial operations of political parties.

The Association ZMAI will be an active partner of journalists and the media in the direction of informing the public about the financial activities of political parties.

The Association’s work in this area, as well as the development of a software solution for monitoring party financing during electoral processes, is supported by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the National Endowment for Democracy through their programs to strengthen democracy around the world.

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