For the third consecutive year, ZMAI calculates and presents the Open Municipalities Index for our country. The index serves as a comprehensive indicator that tracks and evaluates the budgeting process of a municipality for a fiscal year on a scale from 0 to 100.

The focus of local budget processes is represented in three areas:

Transparency: This measures the extent to which the budget process, from preparation through adoption to implementation, is known to the public.

Inclusion and fairness: Inclusion assesses how and to what extent citizens, especially marginalized groups, are involved in the budget process. It examines whether they have the opportunity to express their opinions on the local budget and whether their voices are taken into account. Fairness looks into the representation of marginalized groups in different phases of the budget process.

Accountability: This evaluates how well the results of the work of local authorities and the entire budgeting process are presented to the citizens.

The goal of this report is to present the state of openness of municipalities in the Republic of North Macedonia through the OMI for the year 2022. The results indicate that the average value of the OMI for 2022 is 35.2. On the other hand, the set standards for openness indicate that a municipality must have an index of at least 61 to achieve a satisfactory level of openness. In total, eight municipalities (Bitola – 77.8, Valandovo – 75.1, Kriva Palanka – 75.0, Delchevo – 70.6, Centar – 66.2, Strumica – 65.6, Bogdanci – 65.6, and Berovo – 61.7) have a satisfactory level of openness. In total, 13 municipalities have an adequate level of openness in the budgetary process (Openness Index values between 41 and 60). The majority of municipalities, by number, fall into the category of minimal openness (a total of 49 municipalities) in the budgetary process (Openness Index values between 21 and 40). Eleven municipalities have an insufficient level of openness. All of this indicates that the majority of municipalities have minimal openness in presenting municipal budgets to citizens in 2022. The complete report on the Open Municipality Index for 2022 can be found at the following link.

The data from the measurement of the Openness Index can be found at the following links: Excel and CSV.