On April 2, 2024, a public discussion was held on the topic “New Era, New Hope” organized by the “Friedrich Ebert” Foundation – Skopje office. Prominent university professors, representatives of Elson Solutions, as well as the project coordinator at FES took part in the participation. The main message from the discussion was the need to strengthen the role of the state in the economy, through increasing public investments in renewable energy, social protection, education and health, as well as improving policies for attracting foreign investments and introducing more progressive taxes. Regarding the role of the European Union, it was emphasized that the approach to the region should be changed, with faster integration, greater involvement in solving political issues and providing financial support. The moderators of the event were the executive director of ZMAI, Viktor Mitevski and Jovana Nikolovska, communications expert at ZMAI, while professor Dragan Tevdovski presented the study and participated in the discussion.