The Association for Research and Analysis ZMAI, within the framework of the IPA project for cross-border cooperation “BeCircular”, needs to hire a company for the realization of part of the activities foreseen in the project.

Project: Inter-regional IPA cross-border cooperation project “BeCircular”
Tender publication date: 06.02.2023
Application deadline: 16.02.2023
Type of announcement: Simplified tender procedure – (Simplified tender dossiers for supply)

About ZMAI:

The mission of the Association is to foster the research spirit among young people in North Macedonia by doing scientific research that will be easily understood by the broader public, while at the same time providing valuable resources to the research community in the country and abroad. In general, ZMAI covers 5 areas of interest: Good Governance, Financial and Media Literacy, Education, Entrepreneurship and Investment Analysis. One of the areas is particularly entrepreneurial. In building the entrepreneurial spirit among young people, we see the potential development of the Macedonian economy as a whole. Cooperation with neighboring countries in cross-border cooperation projects to improve the economic situation on both sides of the border. A serious part of ZMAI’s portfolio.

Background for the project:

The BeCircular project is based on the concepts of circular economy and entrepreneurship in order to contribute to improving the chances of employment among young people. The organizations involved in the project will work together to improve entrepreneurial capabilities and promote the concept of circular economy in border regions. Within the framework of the project ZMAI will undertake activities to create a sustainable system to support entrepreneurship in the Pelagonian region. This goal will be achieved through the creation of an entrepreneurship center in Prilep. The center would provide training with experts in the field who would pass on their knowledge to lecturers in the fields of entrepreneurship and economics. The team of experts will also work with the students to help them create innovative solutions and test them on the market. While formal education is the basis for the advancement of young people, informal education creates successful professionals ready to face the real challenges of their workplace.

That is why this program will cover all concerned groups: young people from secondary education through their professors, students in the last year of their studies and young entrepreneurs. The program will be based on methodologies that are already used when starting your own business and testing your ideas – “Lean Startup” and “Design Sprint”. Supporting the educational center and educational programs will be the IT platform for electronic learning that will guide users through the important processes for creating their own, sustainable and innovative business model. From idea to realization. We believe that in this way the quality of new, start-up ideas, their sustainability and success will be improved, and thus the employability of young people in the border regions on the Macedonian and Greek sides will increase.

You can see the call on the following links:

Simplified tender dossiers for technology and equipment

Within the framework of the “BeCircular” project, the Association for Research and Analysis – ZMAI publishes a call through a simplified procedure for a company that will complete the supply in the center. For this purpose, companies will have the opportunity to send offers and complete tender documentation until 16.02.2023.