The readiness of primary schools for the implementation and effects of the implementation of the curricula from the Concept for Primary Education
DURATION: December 2021 – October 2022
DONOR: Foundation Open Society – Macedonia (FOSM)
Considering that in the first half of 2022, the first year of the implementation of the new program for I and IV grades will be completed, and the public does not have information about the level of readiness of the schools for the implementation of the new concept, nor mechanisms for measuring the success of the implemented activities, the ZMAI team through this project will provide a comprehensive methodology for measuring them. The main goals of the project are: systematic measurement of the readiness of primary schools and stakeholders for the realization of the new conception of primary education; comprehensive and systematic measurement of the degree of realization of the new concept for primary education.
Children born in the digital age, according to all the world’s researches, spend a lot of time with digital devices. At the same time, primary education in North Macedonia is going through a historic process of digitization as a reflection of the wider social integration of ICT technologies that lead to the creation of a modern digital society and economy. Hence, school education should create the foundations for creating a knowledge-based society and citizens who are ready for active involvement in the digital society and able to contribute to the development of the domestic economy. Hence, it is necessary to simultaneously analyze the progress in this area in function of the implementation of the new concept for primary education.

Project is supported by the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia.